Bilde tatt på landstasjonen til Cheynes Beach Whaling Company, utenfor Albany i Vest-Australia. En slepebåt på vei inn til plan med en knølhval.
Foto: John Francis Ryan, juli 1956.
Tusen takk til Liam Ryan for bildet

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New contributor!

Let me extend my gratitude to Liam Ryan for contributing photos to the site. Liam’s father, John Ronsly Ryan (in the photograph below), took the photos on a Box Brownie 620 in July 1956 on a trip to Western Australia.

Liam Ryan
Liam Ryan Australia
– Your statement «It is not this site’s intention to “take sides”, as it were, in the whaling debate. It’s area of interest is solely of a historical photographic nature.» fits in with my philosophy of why I have the images available in the first place. I myself do not support whaling, but acknowledge the history, and value of the images.