diary “Sir James Clark Ross” – 24.02.1933

Now the night gangs gone over to the day again. We have not come off until now tonight at Due to the storm. As far as we know, we are the first factory ship that departed from the field. The final message is 154 300 address 1390 whale.

– Øivind Schau

[This was the last entry in the diary of 1933]

diary “Sir James Clark Ross” – 21.02.1933

Flanged 3 blue and 5 finn. Weather is no longer so nice now. It blows a part, and it is snetykke. For moment, we run full speed supposedly against "Cosmos 2". Last night we even saw a strange boat. It seems to belong to either "S. Empress” eller ”S. Princess”.

– Øivind Schau

diary “Sir James Clark Ross” – 20.02.1933

Flanged 4 blue and 4 finn. Today we resign 149 000 hold and 1360 whale. It is a very good message, especially now when it is so very poor whale. The boats have now been ordered to take 4 blue whales each, which probably will be the last. Next message would then be final message.

– Øivind Schau