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“Star III” (1921)

A/S Rosshavets Hvb “Star III”.

diary “Sir James Clark Ross” – 14.02.1933

Flanged 9 whale, and now just blue. In the night at 1 o'clock we got quite right eye on the lights of the "Kosmos". Now we are all 4 factory ships and 30 catchers here, so it is well part competition. In the night all the boats been bunkered quite full from the last fyroljetanken, so now...

diary “Sir James Clark Ross” – 11.02.1933

Much has been ennu not improved, and we had just 1 whales in the night. Yesterday we saw "Cosmos 2" at fairly close range. It went slowly in the same direction as us, and did not have whales on plan. Boats its we have seen constantly. It has known all 10 pieces. - Øivind ...

diary “Sir James Clark Ross” – 10.02.1933

Flanged 5 whale. It blows pretty good now, and it is snetykke. For the moment it is completely stop. Last night was one of Kosmos 2 boats "Kos X" here. It went around the factory ship once, and snuff especially aggressive in "Star 10" lying with 2 whale. - Øivind ...

diary “Sir James Clark Ross” – 31.01.1933

Flanged 5 whale. Tonight we have seen fl.k. "Shooter" close. - Øivind Look Photo: Stuttgart Museum of Temporary History

The casualty

The casualty “Ernesto Tornquist” ved Cap Constanta.

football Match

Football match in Grytviken. The crew of a boat against workers from Grytviken.

Flanging of fin whales

Whaling boat “Petrel” anchored in the Cumberland bay.


Whaling boat “Petrel” anchored in the Cumberland bay.


Overview of Grytviken 1948. One sees føyk from spekkokeriets chimneys.

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