Ny bidragsyter!

Ny bidragsyter!

Vi har fått tillatelse til å legge ut et utvalg bilder tatt av Douglas Bremner. Den komplette samlingen kan sees på http;//www.whalingyears.com

One of my strongest recollections of the island was the bleached whale bones on certain beaches, some large specimens probably of the now scarce blue whale. We also enjoyed the visiting ships which brought mail from Scotland. I wrote home, giving an account of my activities on South Georgia and I still have these letters as well as the detailed diaries and records which I carefully kept. My Uncle Alasdair Munro, when he heard I was going, insisted I had his 35 mm camera with me so I took a lot of colour slides, the quality of which I did not know until I returned and had them processed. Soon after my return to Scotland on ……..1961, happily I had a good set of slides complemented by the black and white photographs I had taken with my Father’s Voigtländer folding camera on 120 film. So I have a very good record and happy memories of my experiences of that intriguing island.

– Douglas Bremner


I think this was pretty much my dads first job when he left university… a whaling inspector in S. Georgia. Sadly he passed away a few years ago, but was a good photographer and I put whalingyears.com up mainly for family so they could see the images he took while he was down there. Am glad you found them and if other people find them of interest then am sure he would have been happy about that.

– Tim Bremner