The Discovery sights the Sir James Clark Ross (Monday 8 a.m. 15th December 1930)
[1930 was the first season in the Southern Ocean for the Sir James Clark Ross,]
Sir James Clark Ross was sighted by the Discovery and soon moored to obtain coal.
“Sir J. Clarke Ross 22,000 tons Factory Whaling ship Antarctic O 65°Lat. South.”
[Annotation on reverse side of photograph]

From: The Winning of Australian Antarctica; Mawson’s B.A.N.Z.A.R.E. voyages, 1929-31, based on the Mawson papers. By A. Grenfell Price. Published for the Mawson Institute for Antarctic Research, University of Adelaide. [Sydney] Angus and Robertson [1962] p.108:

Monday 15th December 1930
«Arrived at Clark Ross about 8 a.m. – soon tied up to her then coaling commenced. They had the coal in bow down below – hauled it up by wire net and winch swung onto our vessel. We tied up with a whale between, also several strips of blubber hung up as fenders. As quiet day, little breeze, and only very small swell, all went well.»

Photograph from University of Newcastle (Australia) Archives A6590 (iv) Box of original photographs including those taken of Mawson’s Second B.A.N.Z.A.R.E. Voyage from Hobart, 22nd November 1930 to Hobart, 19th March 1931. Photographer(s): William F. Howard, crew member aboard the Discovery.
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