The background image is from Whaler’s Bay on Deception Island. The boat wreck is one of two similar wrecks on the beach. They were likely tug/supply boats used inside the harbor. The first company to use the natural harbor was a Norwegian Chilean company back in 1906. In it’s heyday, 14 floating factories were anchored in the bay. At first there were few or no rules as to the utilization of the whales which were caught. Only the blubber from the belly was stripped off and the rest was left floating and rotting in the bay. This forced legislation to be introduced to make the whaling companies use every part of the whale. A shore station was built to process the carcasses, but with advancements made to the floating factories the shore station became redundant, and in 1931 it was abandoned. 45 men never returned home from Deception. The cemetery was buried by a volcanic eruption in 1969.
Source: Wikipedia
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