Thanks to Hans Karlsen (Southampton, UK) for a series of images that he has inherited from his grandfather Arnt Karlsen also known as “Durban Karlsen”, shooter and whaler Union Whaling in South Africa and Antarctica from about 1910 his death in 1951. Arnt was just 56 years old. Arnts wife, Marianna Ida Karlsen, died in 1991, 87 years old. Both were well-known people in the Norwegian emmigrantmiljøet in Durban. Arnt and Marianna Ida Karlsen's surviving son named Rudolf (88 years in 2014) and is still resident in Saltnes where his father was born.
The pictures we have received show the factory ship Unitas, Empire Victory and Abraham Larsen (All three are the same ship, built like Unitas for Germany in 1937), and catcher Arnt Karlsen.

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