Picture taken in Leith Harbor on South Georgia between 1926 and 1932.
From Carlos Pereira in Montevideo we can add the following information about the image:

The ships are moored at the so-called “municipal pier” and in the distance is the “guano pier”. The day that the picture was taken was probably a holiday, (Boxing day?) as the first ship is full of people, probably coming from a nearby whaling station, and there are dressed or adorned ships with flags.
From left to right:
The first is a whale catcher and looks to me, because of the Norwegian flag and the funnel, like a Busen boat, probably Busen 5 or 6 built 1925 (see photo Norwegian Maritime Museum Digital Museum here.)
The second a cargo vessel unidentified, Norwegian flag, dark funnel.
Third, fourth, fifth and sixth are Salvesen whale catchers , all have gangways (photo post 1926 maybe 1927 1928?) by the casing and the form of the stem, I think they are: the three identical catchers build in 1925 by Smith’s Dock, Soika, SWONA SOTRA and SPOSA. The Salvesen ships have the name painted in big letters in front of the navigation bridge. Another indication is that they have the upper half of the crow’s nest painted dark.
Down 7 is unknown. Maybe a smaller whale catcher.
And number 8, a surprise, is the Royal Research Ship “William Scoresby” fully dressed, recognizable by the mast with top mast, horizontal yard and gaff spar, the white line in the hull, clear (yellow?) funnel and shape of the bow.

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Posted with permission from The Whaling Museum in Sandefjord.
Photographer: Theodor Andersson
Year: 1926-32
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