about pictures

First things first. Looking for something special then best way to find it using the search field…

The images on this page are all in private ownership, or donated by the institution that owns them, and digitized with the intention to share with others who are interested in the topic. They are all laid out in good faith. Should you see a picture that is under copyright so it is only to speak out and I will remove it immediately. the images are, where the owner wants it, protected by Digimarc. They can be freely downloaded for personal use.

The images can also be shared with others on the network or linked to social media, but we request that the source and owner / photographer stated if known.

Where possible I will use the caption standing in albums or behind the photo.

If you wish to use photos that are on this side beyond private use, so the webmaster can be contacted, then it will be sent pictures without Digimarc watermarking after the rights of the individual image is examined (there are those who contribute with pictures that determines what images can be used and whether it should be paid any remuneration).

Can you, or do you know someone who can, contribute photos (be seg digital scans, papiroriginaler, negative, film or slides) so feel free to contact me at webmaster at paafeltet dot org or by using the form on the contact page. Of source material is finished scans, paper­original, negatives and slides interesting. I can scan and stand to send photos / albums in return. Along with the originals you will then get a DVD with high-resolution images as jpg files. For black and white photos that have faded, it will be neccessary to adjust the order to restore the contrast and sharpness, and optionally. Color images will be neccessary to color correct and adjust the contrast and sharpness. All this I shall stand without compensation. Where the owner of the pictures you send approves this they will high-resolution files also shared with the whaling museum in Sandefjord as part of a deal we have on the exchange of content. The images will then be included in their large digital archive and be secured for the future regardless of what might happen to paafeltet.org.

It is important to emphasize that to contribute images to the page does not in any way constitute an exclusive agreement. Owner of the images are free to provide the pictures to others, also possible. files he or she receives the DVD that we have scanned.

When it comes to shots where the photographer can not be identified so we put those out based on the following legal text: §43a of the Copyright Act states that photographs can not be regarded as artwork falls into the open 50 years after they were taken, provided that more than 15 years have passed since the author's death or the originator is unknown.