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A while ago I started to investigate a little about my grandfather who was from Sandefjord (builder Olaf Heistad). I had heard in passing that he had been on whaling, but nothing more than that. He unfortunately passed away when I was quite young, and I never had any opportunity to ask him about the time. The interest started when I was responsible for the release of Bjorn L. Basbergs book The Shore Whaling Stations on South Georgia.

My grandfather was the capture of the floating factory ship "Foyn I" in 1923-24. The tour then went, so far as I know, to Desception Island. Whalers Bay on Desception Island was haven for several floating factory ships between 1906 and 1931 (at most 13). Then it became clear that my cohabitant grandfather also was on whaling. He was looking at the beginning of the 1930s with, among others. Southern Empress. In connection with the investigations so has interest in the history surrounding whaling only increased, and I have now started work on this page for photos from whaling.

My grandfather pattern on Svend Foyn In the 22. september 1923 and returned home to Sandefjord 13. June 1924. This is the document that started my interest in whaling history.

Crew list for Flk "Foyn In» 1923/24 season. My grandfather on line 7 as a mess boy.

That's fine if you have the opportunity to take a look at the page and their views. Do you have pictures that you would like posted on this page, I'm obviously interested.

Use language selector in the sidebar to the right to switch the language. Some pages are manually translated into English by me, the rest will be translated on the fly by means. Google translate, and the result is then. I simply have not the capacity to translate all posts manually.

The aim of this page is to collect imagery of the modern Norwegian whaling, all of those who took part. There are undoubtedly many pictures around the photo albums in Norway in general and Vestfold particular that may be of interest to the public. As those who took part in the catch falls from, more and more of this material be lost or unavailable, therefore I will make an effort to gather to share it with the public. These images may be of interest to future generations who want to learn more about this era in Norwegian history. In that sense, the page will be a supplement to the vast photo archive as. The Whaling Museum in Sandefjord sitting on, but that is not readily available to most people.

This photo archive is not intended to be neither for nor against whaling, neither as it was practiced before or as it is practiced now. The interest is only for historical and photographic art.

Regarding the use of images, see page “about pictures.

Regards Geir Rosset

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