The modern whaling history 1

This is a “faksimileutgave” of volume 1 the book series The modern whaling history. The text is unchanged (with the exception of write errors that occurred in the OCR phase or where the text has been rewritten to make sense of this new transformation). Illustrations are either taken directly from the book of 1959, or are replaced by new versions that have open license for viewing online. Where there are new illustrations are crediting stated.

The book's structure is listed below, Navigation I refer the reader to the menu above with section for each volume.

In Orientation
II Råstoffkilden
III Cause Problems

First part:

In Strangers attempt
II Foyn Norwegian precursors
III The city and time
IV Foyn and Finnmark catch to 1873
1. The environment and man
2. Through sealing to whaling
3. Through struggle ...
4. ... to victory
5. new obstacles
6. unfair competition
V Foyns catch monopoly
1. victory year 1873
2. Three years without competition
3. Competition begins
4. Foyn give concessions
VI About the whale that was caught before 1883

other Share:

I Catch method
1. shoot Implements
2. Whaling boat
3. country stations
4. Liquid trapping stations
II catches, fishermen and state powers, 1862 - that. 1900
III Catch People and fangstliv
1. Catch Nations recruitment
2. The journey north
3. catch Life
4. And hire party
IV Hvalfangst companies
1. Freehold Business and corporation
2. Catch profitability and its importance- Vestfold Cities
3. Inflow to the organization AAV whaling companies
V products, Markets and prices
1. Hvaloljen
2. Guano, concentrates, paste and meat
3. Brder

Third Part:

In the free time konkurranses 1883-1904
1. Competitors release from 1883 ^ 89
2. from 1890-1904
II battle for and against whale sanctuaries in northern Norway
The dispute final phase (1900–1904)
III About Finnmark Fang The impact

Notes and references