The first drafts for the present volume was commissioned by the Norwegian sydhavsselskaper recorded in July 1939. The following companies are funding the release of the modern whaling history in everything will be in three volumes: Aksjeselskapet Kosmos, Hvalfangerveien company "Pelagos» A / S, Hvalfangerveien company "Globus» A / S, Hvalfangerveien company "Polaris» A / S, Hvalfangeraktieselskapet "Ross Sea", A/S Odd, The limited company 'eagle', Thor Dahls Hvalfangerveien Company A / S and A / S Tønsbergs Hvalfangeri.

These companies have appointed a book-committee that originally had the following composition: shipowner H. Winge Sorensen, chairman, shipowner Peder G. Melsom, Consul Johan Rasmussen and skipsreder Foyn Svend Bruun senior.

Consul Johan Rasmussen went early out of committee and was remplasert by shipowner Torger Moe. Shipowner Foyn Bruun senior departed yed death 1956 and was succeeded by his son shipowner Foyn Bruun junior. As secretary of this committee worked first director Harald B. Paulsen, and after his death in 1961 Director Einar Vang Stone.

To clarify important aspects of the technical developments in modern whaling, I have found it necessary to draw up some special investigations: "hope & Fides. Steamship who ushered in the modern era of whaling " (Norwegian Maritime Museum, No.. 34, Oslo 1940, 38 pages); «Granthrpunen. A brief report on how Foyn solved projektilproblemet » (Norwegian Whaling Official Journal 1940, s. 222– 242); "Pastor Hans Morten Thrane Esmark and modern whaling" (Norwegian Whaling Official Journal 1943, s. 81–92) og «Norwegian Patents relating to Whaling and the Whaling Industry. A statistical and historical Analysis.» (Oslo 1947, 214 pages).

Furthermore, I have prepared two unpublished records of a similar nature, one - in cooperation with the Director Thorleif Arentz - about kokemateriellets development and the other on the radio technique and modern whaling. The latter survey brought with it that I 1949 published publication "A bet in Radio provides the service. From spark telegraph for radar and ASDIC. " (Oslo 1949, 96 pages).

A natural part of the preparatory works for the present work is also confessed: "Foyn and his diary" (Oslo 1943, 252 pages). By the way, the author of this volume - for a part at the urging of the book committee and its secretary - also prepared a series of articles and reviews on topics concerning modern whaling. A background study, I handed in my contribution about Tønsbergs industry during the period from 1814-1880 (Tønsbergs history III, 1, s. 1–165, Oslo 1953).

During the latter part of the occupation period - ie. of summer 1943 - was the work of the present volume closed because of archive- and library evacuation and because the conditions in other ways contributed to making it difficult working conditions.

When this volume is now available, I want to thank the book committee for the deep understanding and unflagging interest in the many years has shown this work, for valuable advice and expert assistance.

A thank you, I will also get right to the rector of the University of Oslo, professor dr. Johan Tidemand Ruud and amanuensis Åge Jonsgård who prepared the excellent introductory section on "Raw material source" in the present volume. It was delivered in 1955. Otherwise rests the responsibility for the contents of this volume at the undersigned.

Furthermore, I want to thank the leaders and persqnale at the National Archives in Oslo; Oslo University Library; Board Industrial Property Office; Norwegian Maritime Museum, Bygdøy; Norwegian Society for Development Tract archive; Regional State Archives in Trondheim; Tønsbergs Byarkiv; commander Chr. Christensen's Whaling Museum with a library and archive, Sandefjord; The Royal Library, Copenhagen; National Library, Paris; British Museum, London; Library of Congress, Washington; Firestone Library ved Princeton University, New Jersey og Old Dartmouth Historical Society and Whaling Museum, New Bedford, Massachusetts.

A dear duty is also to get to thank the many people who at the oral and written information has helped me by fabric collection for this work. It would take too long to mention their name here. A large part of them are discussed in the "Notes and references" in the present Vol.


Arne Odd Johnsen