Flk “Admiralen” (1904)

Flk "Admiralen"

Flk “Admiralen” ved kai i Seattle, Washington.

1869 Built as a cargo boat ARIADNE by Pile & Co., Monkwearmouth, Sunderland for Ryde & Co.London. launched 09/10-1869.

1873 Sold to Belgian Royal Mail Co., Ltd., London.

1875 Sold to John Hall jr. & Co., London. renamed GIBRALTAR.

1903 Purchased by A / S Ørnen in October 1903 for £ 3.750.

1904 Converted to a floating cookery at A / S Framnæs mek.Værksted. The work was described as ”Kogeri No. 1”.
The boiler was rebuilt with the aim of only taking care of oil from the lard of the whale. The conversion included installation of 4 open lard cookers with a diameter of 7 '. These were placed in hatch no. 2 on the foredeck. On port, on the outside of the engine room, a pressure-based boiler was installed for boiling out tongue and bone remains. At the stern edge of the lard pots, the lard chopper was placed. Pits for collecting residues from the boil in the cookers were placed at the foot of the lard cookers. Clearance boxes and oil receivers were placed on the ship's intermediate deck. The oil was collected in barrels, as well as a bottom tank on 60 tonnes in addition to the clearing boxes.
She is caught at Spitsbergen this season 1904/05. The manager was Alex. Long.

1905 Catching in the fields near Svalbard in the summer with the whale boats HAUKEN and THE EAGLE, as well as the auxiliary cookery VESTERLIDE. To help, the tug DS also participated ACTIVE as bøyebåt. The result was total 123 whales that gave a dividend 4 782 fat. ADMIRALEN arrived at Sandefjord 01/06-1906.
Due to the whale protection on the Finnmark coast, there was a lot of competition on the whale fields in the north.
Other fields were therefore sought. At an extraordinary general meeting of A / S Ørnen, was controlled it 29/08-1905 of shareholders given authority to apply south.
After an overhaul and upgrade at Framnæs mek. Workshop at a cost of Kr. 5 216,46, dro ADMIRALEN from Sandefjord 21/10-05 on his first trip to the southern catchment area together with the whale boats HAUKEN and THE EAGLE with Alex.Lange as the expedition's manager and as captain was Søren Andersen, Veierland. Arrived for the first time at Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands 13/12-1905. After some parliament with the governor, they were allowed to fish on the islands. The expedition captured at New Island on Falkland for it 20/01-1906. Then one had caught 40 whale, which gave a dividend of approx. 1 000 fat.


Hvb "Hauken"

built in 1904 as Whaler HAUKEN ved A/S Framnæs mek. Workshop, Sandefjord for A / S Ørnen (Chr. Christensen), Sandefjord.

1906 After a poor result at New Island, with a lot of wind and sea, became ADMIRALEN after deliberation, it was agreed to leave the Falkland Islands and try their luck in southern Shetland. They arrived at Admirality Bay 27/01-1906 with Captain Søren Andersen as acquaintance.
the result was 4.200 fat. Christensen writes in the annual report:

The oil is sold partly in Glasgow, of and Christiania. Bardene (12 tonnes) is sold in Paris with the exception of the Seihvalbardene, which are unsold, – and is outstanding. Receivables for sold Oil as well as for the unsold Bards listed with DKK. 70 000,00, which sum is very low employed, thus approx. 5 000,00 since the Clearance of Accounts in the income from 2 Debtors more than listed, so the profit for the year will be greater than as the accounts show.

The accounts, which is dated 16. august 1906 shows a Balance (Gain) at NOK. 9 516,44.
The season 1905/06 had been so bad that at an extraordinary general meeting 06/06-1906 Christensen was authorized to sell the company at a price of not less than Kr. 500 000, but there were no sales.
With this one can probably say that Sandefjord's future as a whaling town was decided.
ADMIRALEN leaving 23/08 Sandefjord once again, with course for southern waters. This time in conjunction with VESTERLIDE (a sailing ship built in 1872, rebuilt as a cookery and purchased in 1904). The whale boats HAUKEN and THE EAGLE was posted in Port Stanley during the summer.

1907 ADMIRALEN arrived at Sandefjord 14/05-1907 and began unloading his cargo of oil drums on board the barge ERIN ISLE.
The season 1906/07 shows a gain of Kr. 82 204. Chr. Christensen writes in A / S Ørnen's annual report:

from the West Falkland and South Shetland catchment area were brought home by. ADMIRALEN 4848 and per. VESTERLIDE 893 Fade Oil, in addition to bards, which Catch has been sold and will bring in approx Kr. 367 000,-. The catch has been less good due to the whale's stomach, and Expenditure large, why the Profit does not correspond to the great Risk associated with this Speed—

ADMIRALEN left Sandefjord on his way to the catchment area in the Southern Ocean 03/10-1907 to participate in the catch season 1907/08.

1908 At the end of the season, the result was 6 100 fat hvalolje. Mr Alex. Long gives up as catch means. This fall is going ADMIRALEN to the ice with new manager. Captain Julius Paulsen was hired as the new manager for the season 1908/09.
Paulsen came on board as a security guard in the summer, after a short time as an employee in Lars Christensen's office. autumn 1907 Paulsen had been master of A. F. Klaveness’ bark GOLD RAIN. This sank on the coast of Canada.
One day shortly after he had started as a guard, Chr. Christensen on board i ADMIRALEN on inspection. After a brief inspection of both the vessel and Paulsen, Paulsen was asked if he could come up to Christensen's office. Paulsen thought he might as well get fired in the office, as on board–.
When he arrived at the office in Kamfjord, Christensen told him:

Can you bring some Liagutter with you? [boys from Grønli] and board that nest and beat it full of fat? But I say that, that I do this at my own risk, then you will not get the box full of fat, you can pack up out in the fjord here, – and the same I can

1909 Gives ADMIRALEN arrived in Sandefjord after the end of the season 1908/09 had the result been 8 000 fat, and Paulsen did not have to pack. Sold to Bryde & Dahls Whaling Company (Thorndahl).

1910 The result for the season 1910/11 became 17 000 fat.

1911 The season 1911/12 brought in 20 000 fat.

1912 The result for the season 1912/13 became 19 500 fat. Sold to Alaska Whaling Co (Lars Christensen). This company was terminated in 1914, and ADMIRALEN was sold.

1914 Sold to Admiralen A / S (Johan Bryde), Sandefjord.

1918 Sold to Admiralen A / S by Knud Olsvik, Ålesund.

1926 The ship has been deleted from the register. Final fate unknown.


All photos are colored by Focal Photo / Geir Rosset.


Rosset, Geir. 2013: The factory ships. Novus publishing house.