Flk “Hecla” (1904)

Text: Skipshistorie.net / The factory ships (2013)

Flk "Hecla"

Flk HECLA in the middle of the picture at Sandefjord harbor. Not sure if the whaling boats are SHIELD and VERGE or ALFA and BETA.
On the left lies
ADMIRALEN and to her right ERIN ISLE.

1875 Built like bark HECLA by A. McDougall, Maitland, NS, Canada for unknown Canadian owner.

1886 Owners were A. McDougall, Maitland NS, Canada.

1889 I november, sold to A / S Hecla (Hans Fredriksen), Sandefjord.

1905 Sold to A / S Skjold and Guardian (Albert Green), Sandefjord. Used as a cookery at Svalbard 1905–07 with the whaling boats SHIELD and GUARDIAN. Total loss for three seasons was 75 000. Whaling boat GUARDIAN was cleaned in the sink by a whale and the company was then realized.

Above left: Whaling boat SHIELD and A / S Eagle's cookery BOMBAY.

Above to the right: HECLA in Hecla harbor in Grønfjorden on Svalbard with the whaling boats ALFA and BETA i 1910.

Under: Apparently from HECLA.

1909 Purchased for 19 400 kr. by the Whaling Company Alfa & Beta (Thor Dahl and A. F. Klaveness) for use in whaling. HVB ALFA and BETA were fishing boats.

1911 In August and September, manager J goes. Jørgensen ashore at Spitsbergen on order of Thor Dahl to annex the areas at Spitsbergen, Svalbard as the Whaling Company Alfa & Beta (Thor Dahl and A. F. Klaveness) had used during capture at Svalbard in time 1909 and 1910 (Green Harbor in Hecla Harbor and East Side in Safe Harbor).

1912 Thor Dahl sends a letter to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs claiming these areas. When Svalbard was incorporated in Norway in 1925 this was rejected.

1915 In October, sold to O. Karlsen, Gressvik, Fredrikstad.

1916 Purchased in February by A / S Lægtertrafik (Finn C. Knudsen), Porsgrund. Rigged down to the barge.

1918 Stopped and set on fire 21/08-1918 of German submarine UC 59 that 103 quarter mile ØNØ off Coquet Island, off the coast of Northumberland, England traveling from Hartlepool to Kristiania (Oslo) with a load of coal, towed by DS LOEKO. (DS LOEKO was a former French trawler based in Kopervik, and hired by Rudolf Ugelstad and Kristoffer Olsen and others. The fine beginning of the shipping company Olsen & Ugelstad, Oslo).

Possibly. coloring of Focal Photo / Geir Rosset.

sources: Rosset, Geir. 2013: The factory ships. Novus publishing house.