Flk “Bucentaur” (1905)

Text: Skipshistorie.net / The factory ships (2013)

Flk "Bucentaur"

Flk BUCENTAUR in Tønsberg.

1875 built as BUCENTAUR by Palmers Shipbuilding & Iron Co., Jarrow, Newcastle, England for Hall Brothers, London, England. launched 28/01, completed in February.

1885 The port of registration changed to Newcastle, England.

1905 Sold to A / S Hvalheim (Johannes H.. Giæver), Tromsø. Furnished to liquid cookery and partly with oil storage tanks. Put in catch at Svalbard.

1907 Sold to A / S Tønsberg Whaling (Oscar Hytten), Tønsberg. Purchase price for BUCENTAUR and the whaling boats CARL and MATHILDE came to NOK 234 000.

1913 Sold for NOK 90 000 to Hvalfangst-A / S Island (Georg Ellefsen), Tønsberg.

1915 Sold in May for NOK 170 000 til D/S A/S Forover (Harald Boe), Kristiania. Converted to cargo ship. Renamed to FORWARD.

1916 Sold in April to A / S Rudolf (Olsen & Ugelstad), Kristiania. Renamed to ROUTE MOUNTAINS.

1917 Mined and sunk 19/02 that. 2 nm northeast of Kerdonis Point, Belle Isle, France while traveling from Newcastle, England to Chantenay, France with 2 300 tonn kull. One man perished. The ship sank within two minutes. The starboard boat came off the table well, while the port boat overturned. 14 a man was taken from the water by starboard lifeboat as well as a boat from the guard ship KING HAAKON. All the survivors were then put aboard the guard ship and landed at Le Palais, France. The mine was laid out by the German submarine UC 21 (Lieutenant at sea Reinhold Saltzwedel).

Bucentaur at Kaldnes Mek. Photo: Whaling Museum's photo archive.

Possibly. coloring of Focal Photo / Geir Rosset.

sources: Rosset, Geir. 2013: The factory ships. Novus publishing house.