Flk “Vale” (1905)

Text: The factory ships (2013), Novus publishing house.

Flk "Aviemore"

VALE at Spitsbergen 1905.

1874 Built in wood as a cargo ship VALE at Gävle Varv for Svea Rederi AB, Stockholm.

1888 Sold to J. Berner jr., Stavanger.

1899 Sold to D / S Vale A / S (J. Berner jr.), Stavanger.

1902 S.O. Larsen takes over as manager of D / S Vale A / S.

1905 Sold to A / S Haabet (Johan Bryde), Sandefjord. Furnished as a primitive cookery (same cooking equipment as the Admiral) and sent for capture at Spitsbergen on Svalbard.

1909 Used as a cookery at the construction site of Brydes land station at Donkergat, Saldanha Bay, South Africa. When the station came into operation, she was lowered to be used as a bridge on a new pier.

Above left: 1905 in Green Harbor on Svalbard. The sailing ship is reportedly the cookery AVIEMORE. The ship on the left is VALE.

Above to the right: VALE at Spitsbergen in 1905. Behind her you can see the bow of BUCENTAUR.

Possibly. coloring of Focal Photo / Geir Rosset.

sources: Rosset, Geir. 2013: The factory ships. Novus publishing house.