Flk “North Lide” (1905)

Flk "Aviemore"

VESTERLIDE painted by Jim Rae.

1872 Built by F. Weston, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada for Killam Bros., Yarmouth.

1893 Sold to unknown owner. Renamed to KAROLINA.

1894 Sold to Ths. Falck, Stavanger.

1904 sold 05/04 for NOK 14 500 to A / S Ørnen (Chr. Christensen, Sandefjord. Renamed to VESTERLIDE. Was sent to Svalbard as an auxiliary cookery for ADMIRALEN

1905 Got two pressure cookers installed at Framnæs mek. Workshop, Sandefjord. Then sent to the fields near Svalbard as auxiliary cookery for ADMIRALEN.

1906 Caught as auxiliary cookery for ADMIRALEN at West Falkland and South Shetland in season 1906/07

1908 Resigned 04/04 Sandefjord with course for the coast of Chile. Disponent was Chr. Christensen. The manager of the expedition was August F. Christensen, second youngest son of Chr. Christensen. Captain on the trip was Carl Englund, who had been the leader of THE EAGLE on the other JASON-the expedition in 1893/94.
A. F. Christensen was then without a doubt the youngest hunting leader in the history of whaling, when he filled 20 years three months after the expedition had left Sandefjord! VESTERLIDE had with the whale boats RAVEN and SVIP. They were to investigate the fishing conditions on the coast. In early June, she arrives in Punta Arenas, from which they examined the fishing conditions in the Strait of Magellan. This was not a success. Then the expedition to Port Desire continued (Desired Port) on the coast of Patagonia (Province of Santa Cruz, Argentina). They found no value whale population and searched a little north of the coast. In July, the cookery and whale boats went to the Falkland Islands, where fishing conditions were somewhat better. VESTERLIDE was an old vessel and the equipment was not first class either. The yield was mediocre. The expedition joined 07/11 to A / S Ørnens expedition and the cookery ADMIRALEN, who was then on his way to Southern Shetland. VESTERLIDE had during the summer caught in total 19 whale. 1 blue whale, 3 whale and 15 find whale. The fin whales were caught off the Falkland Islands. Sold for DKK. 30 000 to A / S Nor (Søren L. Christensen), Sandefjord. Was later used as a floating cookery on the Chilean coast.

1909 The season was over and VESTERLIDE was again back at the Falkland Islands 16/03. At the beginning of April, the course was set for the coast of Chile.
Attempts were made to catch several places, but San Pedro was their real main base. During the summer they were caught 32 blue whale, 4 fin whale and 1 knøl. This gave a boil over 1327 fat hvalolje. The catch was completed 14/10.

1910 VESTERLIDE and two whale boats are sold to A / S Pacific (Lars Christensen, Sandefjord) based in San Pedro, California, USA.

1911 Sold to new owners in Chile and ended his days as a barge.

Possibly. coloring of Focal Photo / Geir Rosset.

sources: Rosset, Geir. 2013: The factory ships. Novus publishing house.